Through our family of brands, OrgHarvest offers superior beauty, health and wellness products from a new generation of innovators.

ORGH: We make Good Brands Great!

OrgHarvest was established to provide innovative brands with the financial, operational and marketing infrastructure and expertise to significantly grow market share throughout the global marketplace. Brands acquired by the Company offer excellent products and vision while OrgHarvest provides the support.

First Seed Farms Inc.

Our exclusive global master agreement with First Seed Farms formally positions OrgHarvest as the leading supplier of superior quality hemp.

First Seed Farms controls exclusive farm and ranch partnerships, numerous supply chain relationships, private label and proprietary branding agreements, and provides numerous industry services –all available to OrgHarvest.

In addition, the traceability that First Seed Farms technology provides through blockchain technology allows OrgHarvest to deliver a new level of transparency to consumers of hemp products –from seed to shelf. 

A Complete Seed to Shelf Model

Controlling the science, pricing, delivery and quality to maximize profitability.

Master license for premium First Seed genetics

Sell Genetics to farm partners

Track genetics performance through blockchain technology

Buyback biomass from First Seed’s farm partners

Process biomass into raw materials

Acquire brands & add lines that include proprietary First Seed raw materials.

Market under acquired and private label brands

The Power of Hemp

The passage of the U.S. Farm Bill in December 2018, removed hemp from the controlled substance list.

This created a crop surge without a lot of quality controls; creating crops of unknown quality.

Our access to proprietary, premium quality hemp seeds provides leverage and agility in a growing marketplace –estimated at USD $26.6 billion by 2025. 


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